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Overview of the Web Accessibility Initiative

Overview of the Web Accessibility Initiative

This presentation covers:

What is Web accessibility?
Why is Web accessibility important for people with and without disabilities?
What is the World Wide Web Consortium doing to address Web accessibility?
What resources are available to help make Web sites and Web applications accessible?
What actions are useful in promoting Web accessibility?


CSS 2.1 Specification

Cascading Style Sheets, level 2 revision 1
CSS 2.1 Specification
W3C Working Draft 13 June 2005
6월 13일자로 새로운 버전의 스펙이 공개되었네요.


CSS 2.1 corrects a few errors in CSS2 (the most important being a new definition
of the height/width of absolutely positioned elements, more influence for HTML’s
“style” attribute and a new calculation of the ’clip’ property), and adds a few highly
requested features which have already been widely implemented. But most of all
CSS 2.1 represents a “snapshot” of CSS usage: it consists of all CSS features that
are implemented interoperably at the date of publication of the Recommendation.

CSS2.1에는 CSS2의 에러를 수정하고 새로운 기능들이 추가되었다고 하는군요.

액션스크립트 표준 작성법

ActionScript 2 Coding Standards: The Method
Developers who work in teams should write their code in the same manner. This helps developers to easily read and refactor code of others. It is thus necessary to define code conventions or coding standards programmers can act in accordance with. The following coding standards regarding methods arose during my work on the As2lib Framework. I wanna thank Alex Uhlmann and Martin Heidegger for reading the whole document and giving valuable feedback on how to improve it.

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JavaScript와 플래시 연동

JavaScript와 플래시 연동을 위해 제공되는 플래시 메소드

Getting started
Flash methods
Getting and setting properties
OBJECT and EMBED requirements
Calling methods from JavaScript
Sending messages from Flash to a scripting language
Scripting for the ActiveX control

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